Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do


JKD is a complete unlimited empty hands combat martial art, science and philosophy created in 1967 by the famous martial artist and film star Bruce Lee. It teaches students how to defend themselves in Long, middle and close ranges and uses techniques that include kicking, punching, trapping, grappling and ground fighting. JKD understands that simplicity is key and uses direct and non classical fighting techniques.
Using these concepts JKD is a highly effective and modern Self defence system. In our JKD classes we have 10 levels up to

instructor ( Black belt ) Level. Those levels are split up into beginner levels 1 to 4, Intermediate levels 1 to 4 Advanced levels 1 to 2. 
We have gradings every 4 months where students, if ready, are eligible to test for their next level to go up through the ranks.

We are the first certified club in the republic of ireland to teach Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do with direct lineage through our teachers.